5 Ways to Fail at Crossfit

One of the beauties of Crossfit is that you get to define success for yourself. If you want to become a regional or Games athlete, then that is your success and we support your pursuit of it. If your idea of success is completing 10 strict pull-ups in a row, we will work to get you there and celebrate when you make it.

But with the desire for success comes the threat of failure. So if you get to define success for yourself, what does it take to fail?

1. Be Absent

We will all miss days. There will be times when work demands extra time, when your body needs a day of rest, when you sleep through the alarm.

But consistently missing out will not only slow your progress, it will also kill any chance you have at reaching your goals.

2. Be Uncoachable

Even when you come, if you don’t listen to the coach, you will ultimately fail. In the best case scenario, not listening will lead you to missing PRs, failing reps, or not getting the most out of a workout.

In the worst case scenario it can lead to injury which will force you to be absent for a long period of time. Refer to number 1 for the result of that.

3. Negative thinking

Positive thinking will not lead you to beat Matt Fraiser in a handstand pushup competition. Let’s be honest, Superman would have a hard time beating Fraiser at that.

But when we come into a movement or a workout with a negative mindset we are ensuring our own failure. We will always rise or fall to the expectations we have of ourselves. As Sonny always says, “You know whether you will get that lift or not before you ever touch the bar. It all happens between your ears.”

4. Being Unprepared

You will not always know what the workout is going to be on a particular day. Maybe you prefer not to know. But you can always be prepared by making sure you eat right and drink enough water.

Coming into a workout even slightly dehydrated can lead to a disaster. Doing a run-heavy WOD after eating a five-pound burger the night before is certainly not going to help your time.

5. Not Redefining Success

As said earlier, you get to define success. But what happens after you get those 10 strict pull-ups? What happens after you get to compete at Regionals? If you refuse to find a new goal and shoot for it, you will definitely fail to progress.

Always look to reevaluate and redefine your success. Always strive for more.

Remember that the only person you are competing against is who you were yesterday. Beat that person’s PR or time. Keeping striving to be stronger, faster, more competent in the movements that you were last time.



I am not…

ben-white-124388The best at CrossFit. As evidenced by I do not hold the title “Fittest on Earth.” Also by several other things. I don’t run a sub 8 minute mile, and barely bench my body weight.

I say all of this because often times I/we live in illusions/delusions of grandeur. A small underlying image of ourselves exist that we are greater than we are. This may burst your bubble. Don’t get me wrong, you’re all great people, but sometimes it takes a very real look to see where we are.

For me it came in the form of a tract selection test. I spent 1-2 weeks performing WODs and lifts to the best of my ability, to be reviewed by some folks. They in return sent me a program they thought I should follow with a chart of numbers that are my goals to reach. To say I am a ways off from that point is an understatement.

This brought in some crashing realities for me. But also, some good retrospect. As much as I will talk about how much I used to weigh, how sick I was growing up, I neglect to mention how weak and de-conditioned. I remember trying out for football and could barely deadlift the bar. I sprinted 40 yards once and faked cramping after that.

I say all of that to say, I needed my bubble popped. I needed to realize where I was to have a clearer picture of myself and what am I willing to do to get where I want to be?

Have you weighed and measured beyond your waist line lately? Have you weighed and measured your perspective of yourself? The things you say hold valuable?

Take some time and do so.


Runner (1)

You want to know a secret to success? Perseverance.

Any marathon runner will tell you that the race isn’t won in a sprint effort, but knowing it’s gonna take some time. Even for the most experienced of us, we can get worn down. I wish I could tell you there is a way to keep the fire going, and to this day the only thing I’ve really found is not stopping. Even on days I don’t feel like doing a thing. Those are the most important days.

The days you don’t want to go the gym, be nice, help someone, etc. Those are the days you need to do the things you don’t want to do.

If you’ve found yourself out of routine, at a lack of a spark to do anything, let me challenge you. Get up, put on your gym shoes, and GET HERE. DO SOMETHING.

The Heaviest Lift is Your Brain


Your brain is the heaviest weight you will pick up in a WOD. If you enter a it believing you can’t do a movement or complete the rep scheme, you will always be right.

But there are tips for getting over the mental hurdles of a tough workout and coming out the other side stronger physically and mentally.

Believe it is hard, but not impossible.

Some of the toughest workouts are the ones that look easy on the whiteboard. The danger of entering a workout thinking it won’t be that difficult is that you enter mentally unprepared.

No matter what it is, psych yourself up and embrace the fact that it will be tough. You will sweat, you will breathe hard, you will struggle. Even on “coffee days,” there is still the aspect of struggling to get a heavy weight or even a personal record you have been shooting for.

But there is a flip side to that coin. Prepare for it to be hard, but never think it is impossible.

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Important Update

Hey Fire Ants!

I wanted to write to ask you to mark your calendars for May 6 (this Saturday) and please make plans to be here that morning. We will have our regularly scheduled 10 a.m. workout, and afterward we will have our first ever “Family Time” meeting at 11 a.m.

During this meeting we are going to spend some time just going over some upcoming things we are working, get your feedback, and share some of our heart with you.



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