I am not…

ben-white-124388The best at CrossFit. As evidenced by I do not hold the title “Fittest on Earth.” Also by several other things. I don’t run a sub 8 minute mile, and barely bench my body weight.

I say all of this because often times I/we live in illusions/delusions of grandeur. A small underlying image of ourselves exist that we are greater than we are. This may burst your bubble. Don’t get me wrong, you’re all great people, but sometimes it takes a very real look to see where we are.

For me it came in the form of a tract selection test. I spent 1-2 weeks performing WODs and lifts to the best of my ability, to be reviewed by some folks. They in return sent me a program they thought I should follow with a chart of numbers that are my goals to reach. To say I am a ways off from that point is an understatement.

This brought in some crashing realities for me. But also, some good retrospect. As much as I will talk about how much I used to weigh, how sick I was growing up, I neglect to mention how weak and de-conditioned. I remember trying out for football and could barely deadlift the bar. I sprinted 40 yards once and faked cramping after that.

I say all of that to say, I needed my bubble popped. I needed to realize where I was to have a clearer picture of myself and what am I willing to do to get where I want to be?

Have you weighed and measured beyond your waist line lately? Have you weighed and measured your perspective of yourself? The things you say hold valuable?

Take some time and do so.


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